All/some/none: Wednesday’s notes Thursday

So I managed to write a blog post, but not post it, Wednesday? Impressive work. Good thing Pulock got called up (for Nick Leddy, apparently).

The gist: The players who’ve been banged up this week may still be, but they all got through the whole practice today after Travis St. Denis and Ross Johnston were early departures yesterday (St. Denis a little earlier than Johnston). Brent Thompson reiterated both days that they’re precautionary, bumps-and-bruises kinds of things. Early in the season, we’ve seen things like that keep players out, and lines and pairs do seem kind of fluid now. We’ll see how the group looks in Allentown to begin a measuring-stick kind of weekend. “We’ll go in playing our system, focusing on what we have to do and take it from there,” Thompson said yesterday.

(Of course, as mentioned, you have a better chance tomorrow of seeing how the group looks than I do.)

All 10 defensemen went the distance yesterday, and all nine did today.

Elsewhere: PL3 may be Letourneau-Leblond on the back of his sweater for the first time, Lindsay Kramer reports.

Gabby being Gabby.

It’s like it’s Alex Kovalev week on the blog and that dude in Hartford was a vanguard from the spirits: Kovalev came out of retirement this week to fill out the roster for the Swiss second-division team he runs. Talking that one over yesterday morning reminded me of the AHL days, not all that long ago really, when Hubie McDonough dressed for the Manchester Monarchs every so often, or when Rod Langway played for Providence, or when Eric Weinrich took the ax off the wall. You’d see AHL teams play with 14 guys, and now there’s 26 on the ice every morning here. Different world today. Probably better, but different.

And RIP, Linda Capp, Mom to our buddy Stan.

Michael Fornabaio