Unchanged (to an extent): Thursday notes

No sign of a call-up to the Islanders: Bridgeport is what it is, with Christopher Gibson appearing to be out for the weekend, Kyle Burroughs appearing to be available (and in), and Andrew Rowe apparently in for Josh Ho-Sang to start.

“Josh is working hard. He’s continuing to work on his game, work on his habits,” Brent Thompson said. “For me, eliminating the swinging, even in practice, little habits. … Maybe he’ll have to watch a game from up top, learning.”

Edit, Friday noon: To clarify the jargony: “swinging” refers to skating, as opposed to a more straight-lines, “stops-and-starts” style. See also this Mike Stothers quote from Manchester (ah, ManchVegas) in 2015.

Travis St. Denis is in the spot where Ho-Sang was, and Rowe was with Ben Holmstrom and Ross Johnston.

No roadie for me, much as I love those towns and those barns. Pregame links and notes tomorrow afternoon, then a postgame wrapup overnight, most likely. Should be around to liveblog Saturday.

And RIP, Harry Ellam.

Michael Fornabaio