Trivia Time ’16

No real theme on this one. The office didn’t ask for help with the paper’s year-end trivia quiz this year, so I completely forgot about putting questions together until around Christmas. Here are your 10 thrown-together questions:

1) Your annual calendar-year scoring question has an answer who’s clear of the field by 20 points. Who led Bridgeport in scoring in 2016?

2) The next four guys were separated by just three points. Name them. (It might help you to know that there were 43 games in the second half of 2015-16 and just 30 so far this year).

3) Bridgeport rings out 2016 with a match penalty in its last game, Travis St. Denis called for a slew-foot. The Sound Tigers had two others this year. Who had them?

4) Jaroslav Halak has played 388 regular-season NHL games. Who’s the only goalie to play for the Sound Tigers with more NHL games to his credit?

5) What happened on Oct. 16 at Harbor Yard 37 seconds apart, the fastest two such things in at least 20 years in the AHL?

6) Who scored the late goal April 15 at Portland — wow; just realized that became the teams’ last meeting ever — that clinched Bridgeport’s first playoff spot since 2012?

7) Bridgeport’s 39 wins and .561 points percentage in 2016 are their best calendar year in both categories since when?

8) But Bridgeport’s 4-7 December is their worst month since when?

9) Matt Carkner made his second-to-last pro game count, picking up 46 penalty minutes in an April 10 game against Lehigh Valley. Which two players had shared the team record with 45?

10) The Marlies moved to Toronto from St. John’s in 2005, and until this year, the Sound Tigers had never played them. They’ll even meet in the regular season in the 2017 half of this season. Bridgeport still hasn’t faced Chicago in the regular season, though they had five kind of important head-to-head meetings that one time. Who’s the only AHL team older than Toronto that Bridgeport has never played?

Answers tomorrow. Edit: here.

Michael Fornabaio