Day-off DVR fun: Tuesday notes

Interesting night last night. Sitting there getting some stuff done when my Dad calls. He’s been scrolling forward on the DVR and found, on MSG, a fascinating listing for Friday night at 7. That’s not just the Buffalo-area version of MSG that’s airing Bridgeport-Rochester on Friday. Check your local listings.

Then, usually the Harlem Globetrotters commercial comes on and I just nod along with “Sweet Georgia Brown” and wonder if Ethan “Bubblegum” Tate is playing this year and whether said skills will pay the bills. But I looked up at one point last night and thought I saw something. Rewound the DVR, and sure enough, at least a few shots from the commercial that’s airing on MSG were filmed at Webster Bank Arena. There’s one dunk that’s filmed from right under the basket under Section 100; the Sound Tigers banners are squarely in the background. I laughed. (They’re here Feb. 24. There’s your free plug. Did not know there were like three different Globetrotter teams roaming the country. I guess there are many people who are funky enough to be a Globetrotter.)

Oh, right, hockey.

Bridgeport had three goalies on the ice today; none of them was Jaroslav Halak. Just a maintenance day, said Brent Thompson. The man did play three-in-three. Tomorrow is just an optional, as well, so a good rest is likely before they go hard Thursday and get on the bus. Stephon Williams, Eamon McAdam and Alex Vazzano were on, with Williams appearing to take on a full workload. He said he was feeling good afterward. “We’re making sure he’s 100 percent,” Thompson said.

Bracken Kearns is day-to-day after Sunday’s lower-body injury. They’ll see how he feels later in the week. Andrew Rowe was again in his spot.

Michael Fornabaio