Coaching free agency: Wednesday notes

Tucson named Mike Van Ryn its head coach. No word what happens if he decides to go coach junior. (Sorry.)

TEAM Old New
RCK Ted Dent (4/25)  Jeremy Colliton (5/18) 
UTI Travis Green (4/26 – VAN)  Trent Cull (6/28)
HFD Ken Gernander (5/16)  Keith McCambridge (6/12)
ROC Dan Lambert (5/26)  Chris Taylor (6/30)
CHI Craig Berube (6/7)  Rocky Thompson (6/7)
PRO Kevin Dean (6/13 – BOS ass’t)
CHA Ulf Samuelsson (6/15 – CHI ass’t)  Mike Vellucci (6/15)
TUC Mark Lamb (7/26) Mike Van Ryn (7/26)

Vancouver named Ryan Johnson, 67 points in 64 games for the Beast of New Haven in 1997-98, GM of Utica.

And RIP, the great June Foray.

Michael Fornabaio