It’s live, Sound Tigers nation

Page A1 from Aug. 10, 2017

Thanks for the A1 plug, you guys, but we style it with an apostropheeeeeeeeek. Never mind

Have been out of touch for assorted reasons, but to catch up with Brian Lockhart’s work on the Ballpark story: The city on Thursday introduced Live Nation and a very familiar face at the head of what I’m gonna try to get everyone to call the Saffamphitheater. (No? Hey, I said I’d try.) This came a day after Islanders and Sound Tigers co-owner Jon Ledecky sent a letter to the Mayor and the City Council:

Ledecky cited a “noncompetition” section of the Tigers’ contract for the arena, barring the city from constructing any facility “that would compete … for events and would have a material adverse impact on … revenue generation.”

“I therefore urge you to reconsider this course of action,” Ledecky wrote. “For if the city accepts the proposal, the Sound Tigers will be forced to exercise all of their rights under the operating agreement.”

It’s always something.

The city, for its part, told Brian the contract with Howard Saffan and Live Nation isn’t complete yet and ultimately won’t breach the arena’s contract. So there is much still to be determined in this fun.

Michael Fornabaio