Camp roster: Holmstrom, Bailey… Bourque

Bridgeport released its training camp roster (with numbers!) this afternoon, and among the tryouts are a bunch of Railers, alum Chris Langkow, Ben Holmstrom and Casey Bailey as we’d been told, and former Hartford captain Ryan Bourque. There are 37 names: 20 forwards, 12 defensemen, five goalies. Assuming two groups tomorrow morning.

Your annotated list of Bridgeport tryouts (links to, in alphabetical order except for the first one:

C Ben Holmstrom. You may have heard of him once or twice. Has played several consecutive AHL games. His brother also plays hockey. Often listed in the past as a right winger. It has never really taken here for long.

RW Casey Bailey. Penn State product (two-year teammate of Eamon McAdam’s) who went to camp with the Islanders. Scored a goal here Friday. Had 39 points as a rookie; scored 21 goals last year for Binghamton.

LW Ryan Bourque. Former Hartford captain. Ray’s son; Chris’ younger brother. Helped kill Bridgeport in the 2012 playoffs as a rookie. Spent the last year and change in Hershey after a 2016 deadline trade.

LW Frankie DiChiara. Island native. Ex-Yalie (got there just after the fun part). Worcester contract.

G Joe Fallon. First player signed by Worcester. Has played in four different European countries the past four years. Mopped up for Anders Nilsson one night in Springfield for Bridgeport six seasons ago. Was AHL Player of the Week later that season for Houston.

G Mitch Gillam. Cornell product. Was in Islanders rookie camp.

C Chris Langkow. Worcester contract whom you’ll recall from two previous stays over three seasons in Bridgeport. Back from a year abroad.

D Kyle McKenzie. Worcester contract. NCAA champion at Providence. Read this Mark Divver story.

D Patrick McNally. Another Worcester contract, and another Long Islander. Played the past two years in the AHL for San Jose. Harvard product.

D Willie Raskob. Worcester contract. Went to rookie camp with the Islanders after four years at Duluth.

LW Nick Saracino. Worcester contract. Providence product. National championship. Played last year plus a 2016 ATO for Iowa.

LW Yanick Turcotte. My first question will be “one ‘n’ or two?” as there seems to be some doubt. Went to camp with the Islanders.

Michael Fornabaio