Turned away: Springfield postgame

Sometimes they’re direct, like the power-play turnover becoming a short-handed breakaway seconds later. Sometimes they’re less so, like the turnover when the goalie turns away the first shot, and the next shot a few seconds later is blocked, and the pass caroms up off the goalie’s stick and off the guy’s arm and in.

Turnovers were the first thing on Brent Thompson’s mind after that one, their fourth actual loss in a row and their fifth in a row without a win with two pretty good teams coming in the next two nights.

“It’s a tough one,” Seth Helgeson said, still uncredited for an apparent assist in the second period. “We had a few chances.”

They had some that Samuel Montembeault (2-1 against Bridgeport, 3-11-1 against everyone else) turned away. They went 0-for-6 on the power play, including two in the third, including one that was about half-spent at six-on-four.

They gave up quick goals. They got beat.

“We have to learn from it,” Brent Thompson said, “and turn the page.”


Thompson on Josh Ho-Sang: “OK. There were moments. Again, some individual plays We want him to use the people around him. What I do like, he came down and worked very hard. Sometimes he tried to do too much, but looking at the effort coming down, it was good.”

It was already Ho-Sang’s three in three, with two more to come. Had Thompson given any thought to how he might manage that, and Shane Prince? To be determined, he said. But Ho-Sang’s young.

First goaltending change for Bridgeport since the second-to-last game of last season, the 7-0 loss right here that ended the Sound Tigers’ playoff hopes, Stephon Williams replacing Eamon McAdam. Tonight was more the momentum-change type, Thompson said, and I wondered if he thought about going back to Christopher Gibson for the third, the kind of move he has made before and, as noted in there, planned to do at least one other time before fate intervened. No, he said: “We played better in the third. We were kind of on our toes,” Thompson said.

No-fly-zone violation! Delay Of Game Closing Hand On Puck! At least two parts of the parade to the box were fun.

Edit: Worcester won in the last minute in Glens Falls (goalie assist!).

Prescout. And wow. The Pack have 10 points in the past six games to move, in accumulation if not on percentage, ahead of the Sound Tigers, who are fifth by percentage and sixth by the head-to-head on accumulation. (Shouldn’t talk about accumulation. Hoping the roads are OK by the time I leave.) It was also ’80s night, and dude!

Love Bad Lip Reading. Love “Stranger Things.” A good combination.

And saw The Movie. Spoiler-free: Enjoyed it. It is in fact long, but still fun. There are things that bugged me, both in the moment and in hindsight, but all in all an enjoyable couple-and-a-half hours that I will probably do again at some point. Like two years ago*, when (SPOILER) first saw the (SPOILER) — ah, it’s been in the trailer: Luke on the Falcon, like Han and Chewie on the Falcon, was something kinda special.

*-Hey, remember Kirill Petrov? That was fun.

Michael Fornabaio