Notes two days later: Thursday notes

Usually at this point in the summer I know what day it is again, but we’ve settled back into an off-day, features-day, game-day routine, so, compiled over a couple of days:

The Islanders named former Grand Rapids Griffin John Gruden an assistant coach. The Oakland Raiders had some fun.

As Mark Divver foretold, Tim Army is Iowa’s new coach, completing the chart at the moment, with changes for a third of the league.

Webster Bank Arena will host another NCAA women’s basketball regional in 2022, and it’ll host the women’s national team in an exhibition against Canada in September.

Tweets that make you blink for a second…

RIP, John Vigilante. Terrible hockey summer.

And RIP, Fenov Pierre-Louis, inspirational in Anders Lee‘s charity work.

TEAM Old New
SA-a Eric Veilleux (4/17)  Drew Bannister (6/5) 
LAV Sylvain Lefebvre (4/17)  Joel Bouchard (5/17) 
HER Troy Mann (4/25)  Spencer Carbery (6/26) 
BAK Gerry Fleming (4/27)  Jay Woodcroft (4/27) 
BEL Kurt Kleinendorst (5/1)  Troy Mann (6/25) 
TUC Mike Van Ryn (5/30, STL ass’t)  Jay Varady (7/2) 
GR Todd Nelson (5/31, DAL ass’t)  Ben Simon (6/5) 
STK Ryan Huska (5/31, CAL ass’t)  Cail MacLean (6/4) 
MIL Dean Evason (6/6, MIN ass’t)  Karl Taylor (6/29) 
COL-a New franchise  Greg Cronin (7/12) 
IOW Derek Lalonde (7/12 – TBL ass’t)  Tim Army (7/19)

a-St. Louis takes over San Antonio, while the Colorado Eagles join the league.

Michael Fornabaio