Brock’s official: Monday notes

Brock Nelson and the Islanders avoided arbitration, settling on a one-year contract today.

Light exodus from Binghamton today. Bracken Kearns heads to Austria after a year in the Devils organization. And just when we turned off the coaching carousel, someone else got off his horse: Rick Kowalsky was promoted to New Jersey.

Meanwhile, this feels like it has become a regular bit on the blog as things at my old hometown newspaper have gotten progressively worse: another bloodbath at the Daily News. Ties cut with the likes of Peter Botte and other longtime and familiar names. Heartbreaking professionally. Good luck to all.

Tip of cap to the boss.

And RIP, Ernie Palladino and Tony Sparano.

TEAM Old New
SA-a Eric Veilleux (4/17)  Drew Bannister (6/5) 
LAV Sylvain Lefebvre (4/17)  Joel Bouchard (5/17) 
HER Troy Mann (4/25)  Spencer Carbery (6/26) 
BAK Gerry Fleming (4/27)  Jay Woodcroft (4/27) 
BEL Kurt Kleinendorst (5/1)  Troy Mann (6/25) 
TUC Mike Van Ryn (5/30, STL ass’t)  Jay Varady (7/2) 
GR Todd Nelson (5/31, DAL ass’t)  Ben Simon (6/5) 
STK Ryan Huska (5/31, CAL ass’t)  Cail MacLean (6/4) 
MIL Dean Evason (6/6, MIN ass’t)  Karl Taylor (6/29) 
COL-a New franchise  Greg Cronin (7/12) 
IOW Derek Lalonde (7/12 – TBL ass’t)  Tim Army (7/19)
BIN Rick Kowalsky (7/23 – NJ ass’t) 

a-St. Louis takes over San Antonio, while the Colorado Eagles join the league.

Michael Fornabaio