Schempp to Idaho: Tuesday notes

Couple of bits that hit while we were losing our minds for 13 innings in Meriden:

–Kyle Schempp, recently married, has a new home in Idaho.

–And the Eagle-Tribune reports that former Merrimack coach Mark Dennehy will take over the Binghamton Devils after Rick Kowalsky was promoted to New Jersey recently.

Edit, 8/2, 12:20 AM: For completeness’ sake, after the Devils made it official:

TEAM Old New
SA-a Eric Veilleux (4/17)  Drew Bannister (6/5) 
LAV Sylvain Lefebvre (4/17)  Joel Bouchard (5/17) 
HER Troy Mann (4/25)  Spencer Carbery (6/26) 
BAK Gerry Fleming (4/27)  Jay Woodcroft (4/27) 
BEL Kurt Kleinendorst (5/1)  Troy Mann (6/25) 
TUC Mike Van Ryn (5/30, STL ass’t)  Jay Varady (7/2) 
GR Todd Nelson (5/31, DAL ass’t)  Ben Simon (6/5) 
STK Ryan Huska (5/31, CAL ass’t)  Cail MacLean (6/4) 
MIL Dean Evason (6/6, MIN ass’t)  Karl Taylor (6/29) 
COL-a New franchise  Greg Cronin (7/12) 
IOW Derek Lalonde (7/12 – TBL ass’t)  Tim Army (7/19)
BIN Rick Kowalsky (7/23 – NJ ass’t)  Mark Dennehy (8/1)

a-St. Louis takes over San Antonio, while the Colorado Eagles join the league.

Michael Fornabaio