Regroup 2: Wednesday notes

Today’s groups into which to read way too much:

Group A
F: Bellows-Hitchcock-Bernier
Dal Colle – Jones – Ho-Sang – Willick
D: Wotherspoon-Burroughs
G: Smith

Group B
F: C.Bourque-St. Denis-Sislo
D: Helgeson-Vande Sompel
G: Gibson

(“Let different guys sleep in” was one of Brent Thompson’s semi-serious reasons for the new alignment. Enjoyed that one.) Some familiar alignments (grinned at the ol’ 2-4 pair — or, excuse me, right now, 34-39 pair — reunited), some new, some that feel familiar though they’re not. See how they look tomorrow with, now, two more days before a game.

Still no timetable, by the way, on Matt Lorito and John Stevens. Lower-body on both.

Spend your all-star break with the Bourque Family Foundation.

Interesting news in women’s hockey: The NEWHA, to which Sacred Heart’s women’s program belongs, intends to be NCAA-recognized and will offer scholarships. The Ice Garden has a pretty deep analysis of the move and what it’ll mean.

New scoreboard in Providence. A little bigger would’ve even been fine.

And Quinnipiac announced that Brijesh Patel has been nominated for NSCA College Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year. The Bobcats who’ve come through here all have (often unsolicited) good words for Patel.

Michael Fornabaio