BST Free Agent Scorecard ’19

The usual color code: Black=unsigned. Blue=re-signed with NYI/BST. Red=signed elsewhere in North America. Green=signed in Europe. Italics means it’s unannounced, but either we’re reporting it or some other semi-official source has it done. Split color means there’s some kind of report saying it’s happening. Remember, everyone except Group II is unrestricted. (And remember, stray Roman numerals are because I’m old, because the new CBA uses Arabic numerals. And yes, ever since, I have left those Roman numerals in deliberately, just to make the joke.) (V)-AHL veteran (more than 260 games played NHL/AHL/IHL/Euro elite); only five permitted to dress per game. (V-320)-AHL veteran with not more than 320 games played; one permitted as an exemption if five other veterans are dressed.

Michael Dal Colle (Aug. 19)
Josh Ho-Sang (Aug. 19)

John Stevens (BST, July 12)

Steve Bernier (V) (BST, July 12)
Stephen Gionta (V) (retired, TB pro scout, Aug. 1)
Mike Sislo (V) (Wolfsburg (DEL), July 10)
Jeremy Smith (Beijing (KHL), June 10)

Chris Bourque (V) (Munich (DEL), May 27)
Ryan Bourque (V)
Evan Buitenhuis
Chris Casto (V)
Mike Cornell (BST, July 12)
Matt Gaudreau (Stockton, Aug. 21
Mitch Gillam (Wichita (ECHL), July 30)
Ben Holmstrom (V) (Norfolk (ECHL), Aug. 27)
Josh Holmstrom (Norfolk (ECHL), Aug. 6)
Connor Jones (V-320) (Thurgau (SUI), May 16)
Ryan MacKinnon (BST, July 12)
Tyler Mueller

Michael Fornabaio