Road game: Bridgeport at Providence

  • Who, when, whatever: Sound Tigers at Bruins, The Dunk, 7
  • Watch: AHLTV pay-per-view
  • Listen: Mixlr audio
  • Twitters: Alan / the Sound Tigers / Mark Divver
  • Box score: Yep (R: Labonte, Sheehan; L: C.Millea, T.Whittemore). One day shy of a year since the last time Bridgeport saw Guillaume Labonte.
  • Game notes: Remember 2008-09? I mean, I barely do, but remember, Scott Gordon came in on the Island, and the Sound Tigers had loaded up on semi-vets like Mike Iggulden and Chris Lee and Kurtis McLean because they were between prospect classes, and the Big Club struggled along, but the Sound Tigers, the Sound Tigers flew. No opponent’s two-goal lead was safe. Bridgeport won absurd numbers of games when it trailed after two periods. It finished with the best season in team history. (And then the playoffs, well.) That year has popped to mind a bunch of times the past couple of weeks. The same thing is happening… except in reverse. No lead is safe against the Islanders. And the Sound Tigers are struggling along. This could be the fourth-worst quarter season in team history by night’s end. Or it could just be your garden variety really-bad-14-point-quarter that they’ve had a few of over the years; we’ll see. (Also wrote on Andrew Ladd. Insider links, both.) By night’s end, they’ll also top 100 man-games lost to injury.
  • Meh, what else is going on: Sheldon Keefe is no longer coaching the Marlies for some reason. More as we hear it. (Also Fooball! obviously)
  • RIP, Ryan Costello and Vera Clemente.
  • Aren’t you supposed to be doing something else: Oh yes.
  • If this were a regular blog post, what word or phrase would most likely follow “More” at this point: Tomorrow, except lines etc.

In a 5-0 loss:
F: Ladd-Lorito-Wahlstrom
St. Denis-Kubiak-S.Holmstrom
D: Helgeson-Burroughs
G: Gibson

Michael Fornabaio