Funny/sad story

Last night of the Sound Tigers’ regular season in the spring, I was at a Fairfield Prep lacrosse game. Afterward, the wireless was good, so I figured I’d wait in the car and get the playoff schedule in the paper once it was set, because we had a particularly early deadline for some reason. Well, the game took forever for reasons I can’t remember, and then the schedule took a while longer, so I was there longer than I’d hoped, and when it was finally set, I got it off to the desk, closed up the computer, went to start the car… and realized there were flashing lights behind me. I’d been sitting in the parking lot long enough that someone had called me in as a suspicious person.

Well, I couldn’t blame them, I told the young officer who came to my car window. He was very thorough and very professional in checking out my story, which, no problem there. But he was also incredibly nice about it. Checking my ID, he pointed out some funny coincidences about our biographies and backgrounds. And then he sent me on my way.

And that would’ve been the end of the story, except that seven months later, because of those coincidences, a Facebook post caught my eye.

RIP, Ofc. Ed Baclawski, just 34. So sad.

Michael Fornabaio