Road game: Bridgeport at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton

  • Who, when, whatever: Sound Tigers at Penguins, Arena Yes!, Wilkes-Barre Twp., Pa.
  • Are you running out of arena bits Nah, I just recycle ’em
  • Watch: AHLTV pay-per-view
  • Listen: Mixlr audio
  • Twitters: Alan / the Sound Tigers / the Penguins / Nick Hart / Tyler Piccotti / Jason Iacona
  • Box score: Uh-huh (R: Blandina, Gouin; L: Loftus, Waleski)
  • Game notes: That was a night last night. We were following from afar, but got word in the afternoon that Jakub Skarek was called up from Worcester (that for Christopher Gibson), and then that Jakub Skarek was in (Jared Coreau injured on an awkward stop). Then Bridgeport got a gift goal, which, what, is there one of those in every Bridgeport-Springfield game for one team or another? And then Thomas Hickey disappeared in the second period… But then suddenly you take a peek at the shot total, and they’ve got a game’s worth in the second period. Springfield 13, Bridgeport 27. We don’t have good official box scores from the first two seasons — we have my game stories, though, and I should check at some point if any game came close — but those 27 shots are the most a Sound Tigers team has had in a period since at least the start of the 2003-04 season. Wild. Anyway, they score a few more in the third, two by Travis St. Denis, one by the guy that couldn’t buy one until Wednesday (top reboots: Buffy, BSG…. Bellows?). Wacky that they played two games against Springfield that they lost by a combined 12-5, and now they have won four in a row by a combined 11-4. (Also wacky that they have played three games this month facing one or no power plays. They’re middle-of-the-pack in terms of power plays against per game.) Then they hopped on the bus.
  • Can we get an injury update: You can on Thursday. #Insider
  • Pretty please: OK, throw a few dimes at me next time you see me. The litany is roughly, and remember I haven’t been around for a while, so treat the ones that didn’t happen last night all as last-we-heard: Gibson (lower) day-to-day; Bardreau (lower) day-to-day; Soderstrom (lower) day-to-day; Hickey (upper) to be re-evaluated; Coreau (lower) re-evaluated; Bernier (lower) has been skating; Carpenter (shoulder) has been practicing; Brown (lower) long-term; Fritz (lower) week-to-week but sure seems long-term. They backdated Bobo Carpenter’s official assignment date, and I’ve got to check whether I have a few guys’ games accounted correctly, but man-games lost are over 130 in 23 games, probably over 140. Don’t know what they’re doing for goaltending tonight. No transactions announced with three hours to gametime. (Start Chris Terreri!)
  • Meh, what else is going on: Apologies for not keeping who retweeted it, but check out @HockeyMagazines on Twitter. Online flipbooks of all kinds of old publications, like this 1956-57 Rangers-Red Wings program.
  • Aren’t you supposed to be doing something else: This line isn’t really applicable anymore, is it? Answer’s always yes.
  • If this were a regular blog post, what word or phrase would most likely follow “More” at this point: During the week at some point, though very uncertain when. Will be busy. Stay safe with this storm.

Alan says the lines are the same, just Wilde for Hickey, and Coreau will back up. So probably:
F: Ladd-St. Denis-Wahlstrom
D: Aho-Hutton
G: Skarek

No Kevin Czuczman for the home team:

Michael Fornabaio