"It's a strange, strange world we live in"

Did it really take over two years to use that? Wow. We’ll have a pair of Jacks in the story tomorrow, so I cornered Mark Parrish for a moment after practice. Capuano was much more definitive today

Why can’t them?

Why can’t them?

Why can't them?


Late Wednesday

Before I get back to the book that’s supposed to be back at the library tomorrow… Utah signed AHL not-quite-vet Dennis Packard. He’s played for Springfield, Providence and Worcester, out of Harvard.

Car keys missing

As noted the last time, Mitch Fritz isn’t exactly an easy person to hide. He got the call this morning. And apparently he practiced down/up there. Up/down here, that left tweaks that included Parrish

Shootout complaint No. 574

574) An actual penalty shot isn’t as much fun. Remember when they used to be the coolest part of the night? It’d take five minutes to go over the rules with the shooter and the goalie, building the

Hillen down

Just got a press release that Jack Hillen is on his way down.