Third place, for now

Another one of those “Whoa” Hershey games, compounded by being the worst I’ve been in a long while and the earliest deadlines I’ve ever faced outside of the holidays…

Talk was it was Steve Regier who put that puck in at the end, which makes sense, the way he skated out to the neutral zone pumping his fist. It capped one of the craziest games around here, with injuries, interesting refereeing, bad play…

Koalska is day-to-day with what they figure is a hyperextended knee. I must have been at a bad angle, but the hit, from Boyd Kane, looked cleaner than it evidently turned out to be. Didn’t look like there was dirty intent, anyway.

Referee Scott Hoberg will win no popularity contests in either town.

Some stuff in the weekly tomorrow about Tim Taylor and Yale, from the local Yalies.

Dubielewicz was my No. 1 star. This game is ugly without him and is certainly not a Bridgeport win. He also happened to notch the 11th assist by a goalie in Sound Tigers history. It was also the first since Feb. 4, 2005, Dieter Kochan at Worcester. Dubielewicz had one Dec. 20, 2004, also against the IceCats. Three of the 11 were against Worcester, including Scott Stirling’s, Jan. 31, 2002.

Hershey pinned Bridgeport deep for stretches on end, doubled them up in shots. The Bears were the better team; Bridgeport found a way. It’s a nice sign for the Sound Tigers. Just more reason to believe that, however this division matches up, it’s going to be a couple of best-of-7 wars.

Magic numbers: Binghamton, 8; Philadelphia, 6; Lowell, 1.

If you missed the wheeling and dealing, Colliton and Collins returned from the Island, and that let Jeff Hamilton have an extra day. Mark Lee was sent to Trenton.

Omicioli hopped off the bench as the sixth attacker after Regier got abused. He picked up an assist and has six points in four games. Collins, with two assists, has a seven-game scoring streak (3-11-14).

It worked out.

F: Thompson-Colliton-Collins (A)
D: Pettinen-Jarrett (A)
Rourke (A)-Pratt

F: Fleischmann-Beech-Mink (A)
Kane (C)-Tenute-Klepis
D: Arsene-(Engelland-scratch)
Nycholat (A)-Green

Michael Fornabaio