Too pooped to pop

Dave Baseggio gave the boys the option Friday, and a little more than a third of the horde* exercised it. That didn’t stop a bunch of them, before returning to the hotel after the team meeting, from stopping in the lobby of the Ice Box in Pittston. There’s a pop-a-shot machine, and the gate wasn’t closed on it, so the balls would roll right back out.

Justin Papineau, Harlan Pratt and Rob Collins had the fiercest battle after Papineau hit two over-the-shoulder shots; that turned it into a game of horse, with shots off the sides, double-banks, a little of everything.

David Masse hit a couple of nice long shots later. Masi Marjamaki then tried one from across the room, but he hit the top of the machine.

What’s that? You’re here for hockey? Yeesh. OK, Joe Mullen said Marc-Andre Fleury will probably start tomorrow. How’s that?

Baseggio said there’s no change in anybody’s status. Ryan O’Marra did skate today, though.

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*-26 players!** It’s like an NHL team at the end of the playoffs here.
**-This is a personal record for exclamation points in one post. (!)

Michael Fornabaio