Thank you and good night

Seven one-goal games, by hook or by crook, and one team comes up one goal short.

It’s Bridgeport.

It’s tough to read a game on radio, even when you’ve got someone like Bill calling it, so I’ll leave the storyline to Chris.

As it ends, what, 15 minutes later, the season has that weird feeling to it. It had the chance to be more. It could easily have ended two weeks ago in Hartford.

There is no shame in losing to the team with the third-best record in the AHL. There can be disappointment; there can be wonderment at how that team got up off the canvas twice, knocked the Sound Tigers down again and finally held them off for the decision at the bell.

The feelings, the credits, the blames, all will sort themselves out. If I had to bet at this instant, the legacy of this season will be the kids who grew up in the middle of the season, beginning Dec. 21 with a sudden jolt as if they all came of age the night before somehow.

There’ll be time in the coming days to look back and forward. For tonight, just one thing to say, I guess: Well done, Penguins.

Michael Fornabaio