Six quotes in one

“You’re not allowed to rent here anymore!”

Did you ever look around and wonder what in the heck you were doing? I’m in one of those troughs right now. For the first time since fourth grade, I’m not as excited as usual. I’m almost disenchanted, even. (And lest anyone read too much into this, there’s no one thing or person or idea or event that has done this to me — except maybe the whole ‘e’ key thing — and if you took guesses, you’d probably miss the point.) It’s just the sum of the experience right now, and so that experience has me re-evaluating what I do, how I do it, the way I do it, the degree to which I do it…

The good news is maybe it’s just a mood, and I’ve got some time to think about it….

“I’m not even supposed to be here today!”

I’ll be away from the keyboard for a week. Treat this as an open thread if you wish and post about whatever you want (not that anything ever stopped you before) (and keeping it clean, of course). And if you’re thinking about doing up a Five-Year Team, give it a whirl.

See you next Wednesday, hopefully with a Clerks II review.

“Happy Scrappy!”
“You ever notice how all the prices end in nine?”
“You know who I could do without? I could do without the people in the video store.”
“They raise sheep.”

Just wanted to get those in.

Michael Fornabaio