Lobbying for player development (in the comments)

Doug asked:

Hey Fornabaio, what’s your projected BST starting lineup for this season?

Well, I know a good pass-the-buck/open thread when I see one, especially since I’m technically not supposed to be working right now. Turning it around, to all readers: What’s yours?

Here’s the rough signed-up list from July 1. As noted over the weekend, Greg Logan sees that two-way contract for Nate Thompson as a potential portent. I don’t know that I’m sold that this is the opening-day Bridgeport roster, particularly down the middle; it’s not clear, either, whether Moore or Mauldin (or both) play center, depending on who you ask. Line ’em up.

Here’s where it’s particularly annoying not to have truly open comments, but I’ll try to get around to approving them at least once a day. Sorry about this, but we’ll do what we can. I’ll leave you guys otherwise alone unless events warrant. (Try to, anyway.)

Meanwhile, it’d be nice to have a couple of days off when the Mets weren’t embarrassing themselves.

And RIP, Gordon Waller of Peter and Gordon, and Vernon Forrest.

Michael Fornabaio