Know your place, rook (Shelton?)

As noted in comments, the Bruins announced two rookie games in Shelton. Had heard rumors of one, but two would be fun. Sept. 14-15 are the dates in question. The Islanders were supposedly going to hold a rookie camp in advance of real camp, which starts Sept. 17. During golf breaks, maybe we’ll poke around a bit more.

(Speaking of golf, our coverage will be here; we’ll also be blogging. Not sure about Twitter.)

One more week for contract tenders. Draft comes Friday. Mike Pereira of West Haven will be among those waiting to hear his name.

Claude Noel takes over in Winnipeg. (As expected, really.)

TEAM Old New
SYR* Ross Yates (4/12) Mark Holick (5/21) 
HOU Kevin Constantine (4/15) Mike Yeo (6/16)
PEO Rick Wamsley (5/6) Jared Bednar (6/15)
ROC Benoit Groulx (5/31)
MTB Scott Arniel (6/8, CLB head coach) Claude Noel (6/21)
HAM Guy Boucher (6/10, TB head coach)
LOW John MacLean (6/17, NJ head coach) 

*-Syracuse’s new coach was hired by Anaheim. Springfield’s new coach will be hired by Columbus. Oklahoma City takes over Edmonton’s affiliation but won’t bring Rob Daum. The latter few will be added to the list when they take effect. Other changes are still to come.

Mike Fountain sighting!

Why you don’t tinker with greatness, Strasburg/Gooden edition.

And RIP, Manute Bol and Elie Patrick.

Michael Fornabaio