And after the storm

Fordham’s football opener is postponed. Oh, yeah — it was at UConn. The National Guard takes precedence. I don’t understand. Had so many people on Twitter and Facebook saying this thing was “nothing” or only “hype.” Hope all you guys are OK and getting power and other utilities back… and if not, hope it gets better quickly.

As noted on Twitter, Croatia won’t know what hit it when Pascal Morency arrives. (That’s another team that’s not far from an official-unofficial local team.)

Neat satellite pix of the hideous vortex we suffered through. Neat animation of the maybe-less-hideous vortex we live in.

And caught my eye but probably will appeal to an even smaller subset than usual: Dave Fierro reports that Greg Dobbs, hoops coach at Brunswick for years, is going to King.

Michael Fornabaio