Trivino gets probation, no contract

Islanders draft pick Corey Trivino had his day in court today and received two years’ probation after a guilty plea, the Free Press and others reported.

A report floated out of the courtroom this morning that the Islanders had signed Trivino. They have not. And it’s quite unlikely they will. (Will guess that the reporter meant to say Trivino was a draft pick and got his words mixed up in haste. Happens. But it got passed around pretty quickly.)

The CBA says a team retains the rights to a player like Trivino, drafted at 18 and straight off to college, “through and including the August 15 following the graduation of his college class” (8.6(c)(i)). That’d be next Wednesday. There seems to be some kind of question, though, about whether Trivino’s incomplete senior year might preempt that and keep him on the Islanders’ reserve list beyond next Wednesday, as noted in this Arthur Staple tweet. One to be hashed out, presumably, by the lawyers, of which I’m not one. Again, either way, it doesn’t look as if he’ll be signed.

Sordid story. Hopefully everyone involved can move on to better times.


Stuff accumulated over a few days:

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