Wednesday bits Thursday

A few quick links after the Atlantic League all-star game (thanks for tolerating me on Twitter):

Bobby Robins has decided to retire, though he tells Mark Divver he’s feeling back-to-normal after his concussion early last season. May he be well.

After Mike Souza departed, UConn went to the same era of the AHL for a replacement assistant coach: ex-Penguins and Worcester defenseman Brendan Buckley. That era’s players have been popular coaching choices of late; Pascal Rheaume got a job in Iowa, too.

A couple from Atlas Obscura: One on Freedomland, the Bronx amusement park that came and went quickly (if you ever need a conversation starter with my mother, there you go); and a dark but fascinating video on Skeleton Lake.

And we’re under a week away from Pluto, and if I dissolve here or on social media (or perhaps in real life) into a series of “OMG”s, that’s probably why.

Michael Fornabaio