Rule changes, calculations, Souza, DiBo?: Friday notes

The AHL released its rules changes and playoff format from this week’s Board of Governors meeting. It’s yet another chance for people to get worked up over the California teams’ playing 68 games as

Wednesday bits Thursday

A few quick links after the Atlantic League all-star game (thanks for tolerating me on Twitter): Bobby Robins has decided to retire, though he tells Mark Divver he’s feeling back-to-normal after his
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Hockey, Day (KC1): A visit to an Island

Called up the blog template on this computer for the first time since the last day of the year. Deleted out all the templates for penalty minutes, top-scoring defensemen, Alan Quine with the most

Kiddie Camp, Ex-Files Galore: Monday notes

The Islanders have moved west, so naturally their rookie camp moves… closer to Nassau Coliseum. Tuesday is the first day of kiddie camp, and they scrimmage at Barclays on Wednesday*. Two all-time
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Scorecard links, Twitter plugs

Happy Fourth. Bookkeeping: As they slip down the main page, the non-free-agent and free-agent scorecards now have their permanent places in the right-hand links section under bookmarks. (Yes, I know

Day 3: CMac, C.J., Harry Z depart

Departures: Colin McDonald to Philadelphia, C.J. Motte to Rochester, and reportedly Harry Zolnierczyk to Anaheim. Edit: Zolnierczyk now official. Mark Morris, who did a nice job for years with

Some late-Thursday links

After a night at softball: Chris Bourque back to the Caps and likely Hershey. No word on Aucoin and Giroux. Jason LaBarbera to the Flyers and likely Allentown. Michelle on Twitter pointed out this. I
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Free agency, Day 2: Many in, Gallant gone

Round 2. Today’s the day we expect the Islanders to actually start acknowledging the guys they’re bringing in for Bridgeport. Ren Lavoie reports another this morning: James Wright, former Admiral,
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