Ruining averages: 6-for-6 Albany postgame

When Ben Thomson was penalized for roughing up Colin McDonald — who’d neatly rope-a-doped Darcy Zajac three minutes earlier, making Bridgeport 6-for-6, seriously, SIX-FOR-SIX, on the power play — and Kael Mouillierat stepped in to cut him off, I thought, well-played, kid. Even this thing up. Playing with fire here. Mouillierat didn’t get a penalty. […] [Read More]

Incumbents in: Albany pregame

The decision on defense, it appears for tonight, is to stand pat. Could change tomorrow, but not tonight. The lines look as they have the past couple of days, breaking up that second line for the first time since opening weekend. One to scratch each way. BRIDGEPORT F: Mouillierat (A)-Quine-McDonald Halmo (A)-Stretch-Zolnierczyk Gillies-Sundstrom-Courtnall Persson-Langkow-Vaughan D: […] [Read More]
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Unusual circumstances, changes: Friday notes

Rulebook geekery plus rarity equals much fun Presumably the last word on the Leggio Adventure this week, about the Leggio Rule, from David Leggio himself after the AHL rewrote Rule 63.5 yesterday to give a goalie a game misconduct for such a play: “If that’s what they feel is best for the game, I agree […] [Read More]

Leggio Rule: game misconduct

As Darren Dreger reported, there’s now what you could call a David Leggio Rule, effective immediately, in the AHL. A goalie who deliberately displaces a goal post while facing a breakaway will receive a game misconduct. Such a play will still result in a penalty shot, but that goalie won’t be around for it. This […] [Read More]
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Line realignment: Thursday notes

Mike Halmo, as foretold, appears ready to go, and if today’s practice is an indication, his return rearranges the longest-standing combination up front. Halmo was in the spot where John Persson has been, next to C.J. Stretch and Harry Zolnierczyk; John Persson was where Brett Gallant has been, with Chris Langkow and Scooter Vaughan. Obviously […] [Read More]

Not bad on the penalty kill: Norfolk postgame

It almost looks kinda placid, doesn’t it? Norfolk with 15 shots in the second period despite 11:00 of power-play time: As my grandfather used to say when he’d ask how much something cost, since it didn’t cost him anything, “that’s not bad.” Contained within those four-plus power plays and 11 minutes with 1:26 of five-on-three, […] [Read More]

Morning, game: Norfolk pregame

Another bright ‘n’ early morning game (since 2003 for crying out loud), and another after election night (Twitter did not give me sufficient notice to hear Tom Foley’s non-concession speech, which sounded fascinating in tweet form). Anyway. Familiar faces like Sudarshan Maharaj, Dave Baseggio and Nate McIver in the building. Lots of young faces around […] [Read More]
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Knock It Off, Day 3/Admirals reinforcements: Tuesday notes

We were warned about David Leggio’s personality coming in. It’s been in clear focus the past few days. Radio appearance early this afternoon, Marek vs. Wyshynski at about 2:20. We chatted a bit about the attention today for tomorrow’s paper. Mike Halmo practiced today; took the whole thing. “One more day of rest can’t hurt,” […] [Read More]